Pink Feathers


Welcome to my blog...

My name is Hattie which is short for Harriet. My whole life I have hated my name and felt it was a bit old fashioned. That is until recently when my love of everything homemaking, traditional and slightly old fashioned has made me connect with my name so much more. Plus Hattie Homemaking was just the perfect name for what I wanted to create here on the internet!

I started this blog and then my YouTube channel to share my love for being a homemaker. I have truly never identified with the "boss babe" image that is so fashionable these days and instead find myself happiest at home living slowly and simply. The things that give me joy include pottering around my home cleaning, baking, gardening (although I'm not the best at it!), reading and being creative. 

I wanted a place to share my love of homemaking and simple living in a way I could be creative and true to myself, so blogging was perfect for that! I also write and make videos about femininity, self care and fashion as those are topics I also really enjoy.


Thank you for visiting! 

Hattie x