10 Things I'm Excited For On My Wedding Day

For those of you who don't know, I am getting married this year in September! My original date was April but we made the decision to postpone to hopefully avoid any restrictions on our big day. It is safe to say this Monday, we were glued to our TV screens to see the governments easing of lockdown plan.

With the news that we could have no restrictions on weddings from 21st June, I am finally letting myself get excited again! I have held it in for so long having a mix of anxiety, apprehension and a little bit of hope. Here is a blog post from a few weeks ago about how I was feeling.

So now, I have decided to do a little brain dump blog post of all the things I'm excited for on my wedding day.

1. Waking up and having a moment to myself to just think, reflection and feel grateful to have this amazing day. I imagine waking up full of joy, going to get my usual cup of tea and just sitting looking out my window feeling so happy.

2. Getting ready with my bridesmaids - I recently hired a makeup artist and hairdresser for me and all my bridesmaids. We were originally going to do it ourselves but I thought it would be lovely to just relax, take it slow and be pampers! I didn't want to be worrying about how my makeup was going to go. I can't wait for us all to get into our dressing gowns and have a lovely, girly morning.

3. My dads first look and walking me down the aisle. I mean this one doesn't need an explanation, this moment will mean everything to me.

4. Standing at the alter, hearing our music play and then walking down to see Pauls face. Every time I think of this I wonder how on earth I'm going to do it without bawling my eyes out?! I'm hoping that the adrenaline will take over and I can walk gracefully, not like a sobbing baffoon!

5. Seeing all our friends and families happy and smiling faces. After this year especially, having all our friends and family in one place is going to be so unbelievably special.

6. I am then of course excited to say I DO!

7. The car ride from the church to our venue. Me and Paul are having a short champagne car ride back to the venue to have a moment to ourselves. I can't wait just to look at him at that moment and know that we have just said yes to forever.

8. The speeches - I can't wait to hear what loved ones are going to say about me and Paul, they have seen us get stronger and stronger for 8 years, bring out each others best traits and grow in our own self confidence. Paul's speech I know is going to be super emotional - I think at this point my makeup will truly be a gonner!

9. I can't wait for our first dance which is to the song I was listening to when I was walking my dog when I was 18, I had just got with Paul and I just burst into tears of happiness because I knew he was the one.

10. THE PARTY. Wow after this year, what a party it will be. We have exclusive use of our venue and all the rooms booked out so we can truly dance the night away!

Then, the next morning I will be waking up with my HUSBAND. What an amazing feeling that will be.

Well, I have throughly enjoyed writing this and getting all excited again. Sorry for all the exclamation points, I almost got more and more giddy as I was writing.

Hattie .. !! x

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