5 Ways To Have A Glow Up In One Month

This year has been a bizarre year, we have words that have taken over our lives like distancing, lockdown, quarantine... and glow up. I for one have never heard the word glow up as many times as I have this year. Everyone seems to be trying to have a 'glow up in quarantine'.

This topic is close to my heart because I see young girls online striving to have 'glow ups' in ways that I know is going to hurt them in the long run. I see people engaging in FAD diets because they saw their favourite influencer have a glow up and lose weight.

The thing is, caring so deeply about the way you look is a dark road that takes you to unhappy places. You will NEVER be the most beautiful person on earth. But, you can be the best version of you. So, here are my top tips to have a glow up in ways that are going to help you in life, rather than just focussing on the way you look.

Educate yourself

We have more time than ever on our hands at the moment and what better way to use it than to educate ourselves. Read up on new topics that you haven't looked into before. Research different points of views on topics you enjoy. Learn to see the world from other peoples perspectives and be open minded to the great wide world out there.

Social media algorithms make it so we only ever really see the content that platforms KNOW that we enjoy, therefore we may only ever see one point of view again and again. Either search directly for new topics, or even better read a book! Now is also a great time to learn a new hobby or language. Whatever you do, come out in one months time with something you didn't know before. It is crazy how much you can learn in a month!

Change your eating habits

We are at home more than ever now which means we have the time to focus on our eating habits. Try out new meals, vegetables you haven't tried yet and new ways of cooking. Experiment with different flavours and get to know which healthy meals you enjoy.

One of the biggest reasons people neglect their diet these days is connivence, we are all so busy working and running around that by the time we get home, the thought of cooking a meal and then washing up is the LAST thing we want to do. Now is the time to make small lifestyle changes that will nourish you and help you to live your best life.

If you do want to lose weight, that is fine but do it RIGHT. Don't do anything that you can't keep up for the rest of your life. That means cutting your calories slightly, but not to the point where you are starving. A good place to start is to cut 250 calories out of your diet each day, this will roughly make you lose 0.5lbs in one week. Don't cut out major food groups unless you are allergic. Keep everything light and easy and don't overthink it!

Get into a good exercise routine

Exercise is amazing for so many reasons. It is one of the best things we can do for our health both physically and mentally. Not only that, but it subconsciously encourages us to be healthier and less lazy in other areas of our lives.

Find something you actually enjoy so you can stick to it. I used to force myself to do high intensity exercises with weights and sometimes I was motivated to do it, but most of the time I would fall off the wagon after a few weeks. That is because I actually really dislike high intensity exercise, so now I go on my stationary bike for 30 minutes a day and I love it. You can do whatever you want, walking, dancing, youtube workouts, running, yoga... the options are endless so keep trying until you find something you love!

Sort out your sleeping habits

Sleep is everything. It really is, it balances our emotions, hormones and weight. There is a reason if a child goes without sleep, full on melt downs happen... and we don't grow out of that. We may not throw ourselves on the floor screaming, but we may feel like we want to! Make sure you get 8 hours of sleep per night. If you struggle to get to sleep then try to engage in healthy sleep exercises, things like avoiding blue light before bed, relaxation, stress relief etc.

Do something kind everyday

Doing something kind for someone everyday is so important. What are we here for if not to help others and lift each other up? It is every humans reasonability to look after each other, after all we are stronger together.

A simple act of kindness each day has a dramatic effect, when we are kind to others we don't just help that person, we inspire a kind attitude in all that see it. So look after your neighbours, speak to your friends who are struggling during this time, go the extra mile for someone. Life is just better when we are kind.

I hope this post has inspired anyone who reads it to be the best version of themselves. A glow up to me, is about what happens inside and how you feel about yourself, not how you look. Remember my favourite saying 'how you look is the LEAST interesting thing about you.'

Hattie x

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