Becoming More Confident With Expressing Your Beliefs

A few weeks ago I posted a blog on expressing your opinion with grace which was inspired by seeing so much on social media about the US general election where people were so harsh to each other and seemed to be making no effort to understand different opinions.

However for this blog post, I wanted to highlight the opposite side to that which can be equally as destructive. That is, struggling to express your opinion at all and being so worried of offending people that you feel unable to say what you truly think and feel.

I have been inspired to write this since someone commented on my youtube video about why I want to be a housewife saying that I should be less apologetic with my views and that my beliefs are hardly controversial.

It got me thinking about how I really do dumb down my own beliefs and almost apologise every time I do express an opinion. I think social media these days has made people so afraid of their words being misconstrued, or made out to be more extreme than they are, that we are scared to express any opinion at all... unless of course it is the most popular opinion online that gets hundreds of likes!

I see this amongst my peers and also family who are slightly younger than me too.

Everyones opinion and views of the world is the seemingly the same. And points they make about certain topics, almost read like a tweet.

Social media drills into us the 'right opinion' and if you have a slightly different take then your run the risk of being 'cancelled' or branded as something that you are not.

In my heart, I know I am extremely sensitive to other people. I love everyone no matter there beliefs, I truly do. So why can't I just express my opinion with ease, even if everyone won't agree?

I think this also boils down to being a bit of a people pleaser!

So, going forward I would like to remind myself that it is ok to express your opinion. As long as I always stay sensitive to others feelings and don't try to ram my thoughts down other peoples throats, then I am as entitled to my beliefs as anyone else is.

Thank you to the person who commented on my youtube channel, I hope this is the beginning of my challenging my people pleasing ways!

Hattie x

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