Bringing Back Old Fashioned Traditions At Christmas

As many of you now know through my blog and YouTube, I am an old soul at heart.

I love traditional, old fashioned ways of living and expressing yourself.

I think in many ways we had it right a few years ago in the traditions and morals we held so dear, yet slowly we have moved away from that to a more fast paced life. In doing so, we sacrificed many of the things that give us true contentment which is why I think we are seeing so many lonely people.

It is strange to think that loneliness is so prevalent these days despite SOCIAL media being at the heart of many of our existences. I'm of the belief that the reason this is happened is because we have let the internet REPLACE our life rather than just adding to it. A very simple example of this is the concept that you can quickly send a birthday message through Facebook rather than sending a card.

Online messages just don't show your thought, energy and preparation in the way old fashioned cards do. Everyone knows you can send a message in 2 seconds even if you originally forgot someones birthday, so despite receiving these messages they may still make us feel lonely because no-one has gone out of their way for us and that is how most people feel loved and cared for.

So, lets bring back some of those old fashioned traditions at the most perfect time of the year - Christmas time! Here are some of my ideas on how you can slow down, revert back a few years and embrace the true meaning of christmas through tradition:

1. Posting Christmas cards.

This is a bit of a sensitive topic at the moment and I know a lot of people are choosing not to send cards this year due to COVID 19 (which I totally understand!). But, normally I think there is something lovely about giving and receiving christmas cards. It shows that you have thought about that person, and for those that live alone and find christmas a lonely time of year, having cards around their home reminds them that they are loved and cared for.

2. Hand baked or homemade gifts.

Nowadays I think people see giving gifts as a chore that needs to be done at Christmas time. This can lead to poorly thought out decisions that cost a lot of money and maybe the person receiving the gift wouldn't even use it. I personally don't like drinking alcohol, and I can tell when someone feels obliged to give me a gift rather than truly thinking of me when they give me a bottle of something. Gifts are about thinking about that person, no matter how much it costs. I personally make and decorate christmas cakes this time of year and give them out to family members. They take weeks to make because you have to feed them with brandy, so it physically shows the effort I have gone to. Hand baked or home made gifts are so thoughtful because it shows you have given the most precious gift of all, your time.

3. Get creative

Christmas is an amazing time to get creative and spend some time reconnecting with your inner child that just wants to colour and make something beautiful. A simple way to do this would be to take your time wrapping presents. Just like buying gifts, people also view wrapping gifts as a chore. But it was never intended for that, just like thinking about the person when you choose their gift, you can enjoy wrapping more when you think about handing over a beautifully wrapped gift. Experiment with different tags, paper and ribbons. Put a christmas film on in the background and just SLOW down and ENJOY it!

4. Prioritise family time

After this year, I doubt I even need to make this point because I think we have all realised that family truly is where the heart is. But in previous years, I have seen people prioritise friends and binge drinking over wholesome family time. We can party and drink any time of year but the magic of christmas is family.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and are inspired to have a beautiful, wholesome, creative Christmas full of love and giving.

Hattie x

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