Did Women Have It Easier In The 1950's?

This weekend I watched probably one of my favourite YouTube videos I have ever found.

It was by a Youtuber called Sage Lillyman and the title was 'I lived like a 1950's housewife for one week.'

After watching the video and throughly enjoying every minute of watching someone basically live out my dream life, I headed down to the comments.

The comments section was full of people remising about their own, their mothers or their grandmothers old routines.

There were things that made me throughly wish I lived in the 1950s such as:

  • People used to not draw their curtains until they were ready for guests.

  • Time wasn't as regulated as people think and housewives often let their mood dictate the chores for the day.

  • There were gentle exercises on TV every morning.

Honestly, I do think some people romanticise past times but seriously, I get like little heart flutters imagining living like that!

Then one a few comments struck me and really got me thinking.

There was a comment basically indicating that we now work two jobs because both people in the relationship have to worry about work outside the home, on top of homemaking chores.

So, did women have it easier in the 1950's?

I think my personality, loving homemaking as much as I do and being in a happy, safe relationship would make me more inclined to think that I would have enjoyed the lifestyle of the 1950's...

But like everything in life, we are different and so lifestyles that make some people happy, would make others bored and unsatisfied. It is also worth pointing out that women's rights have come a long way since then so women that felt previously oppressed, obviously wouldn't have been happier.

That being said, I do think generally we have too much on our plate these days, too much stress and too much to keep up with.

In a lot of ways, I think the 1950's signifies traditional living which is something I enjoy working towards. They were simpler times and you were able to live out your days slower, without having a million balls to juggle.

Personally for me, I do think I'd be more than happy living as a 1950's housewife.

So, guess what... I tried it! Ok maybe not the entire day, but for one morning I trialled a 1950's housewife morning routine. See how I got on here:

In conclusion, I think certain personalities (such as mine!) may have been happier in simpler, slower and more home oriented times like the 1950's. So maybe all women on the face of the earth wouldn't enjoy it... but I certainly would haha!

I hope you enjoyed my little brain dump of a blog post. I really wanted to talk about this and if I'm honest, I do romanticise the traditional living of 1950's (even if some people think that's wrong!)

Until next time,

Hattie x

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