Expressing Your Opinion With Grace

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

We are currently living in a society that praises outspoken, formidable women in a way that has never be celebrated before. Women have fought hard for this right and it is now more than socially acceptable to see a lady express her opinion without mincing her words.

But how can we express our opinions while still remaining feminine and graceful?

How can we embody that feminine softer side, while still maintaining those rights that our grandmothers fought for?

I think the answer lies in understanding, patience and quiet confidence.

Let me explain each of these points individually to avoid this blog post because a right mess!


We need to understand that people have different opinions than our own, and they are still good people. We live in such a politically divisive time now that it is easy to pick a side and scream that argument from the roof tops while simultaneously believing that those on the opposite side are the enemy.

Understanding other peoples point of view and how their experiences or education (or even their hobbies) leads them to believe a certain thing is crucial. We simply can't live in a society where only one point of view gets the final say and everything else is shut down. I see this so much on Twitter on certain hashtags where the popular opinion 'wins' and if you say anything else you are essentially bullied. It shouldn't need to be said, but be kind and be understanding to all people of all beliefs.


Doesn't it feel like nowadays many people who are heard making a point are screaming their opinion, and almost rushing their words? It takes an equally strong and soft lady to communicate her thoughts without raising her voice or getting frustrated. Explaining your point of view gracefully takes patience. Patience to answer questions you may feel you get asked a million times, patience to express yourself with control even when you feel so strongly and patience to manage your frustration when people just don't get it.

It also takes patience to understand that realistically, you're not going to change many peoples minds. You can try but the reality is most people have strong views these days and it is hard to change. Sometimes the most graceful thing to do is not express any opinion at all, unless it matters. Do hours on social media writing out your opinion really enhance your life? Or does it make you more frustrated?

Finally, quiet confidence

This pretty much sums up my other points, if you have quiet confidence you will naturally be understanding and patient with those that disagree. Having your own confidence in your beliefs, allows you to be free of what others think.

Opinions are something we all have, and these days opinions seem to be getting more and more loud and divisive. Be the anomaly in this, understand all sides, nurture everyones right to an opinion and never let controversial topics interfere with love of friends and family.

Hattie x

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