Feminine Icons That Will Enhance Your Femininity

One of the easiest ways to enhance your femininity is by admiring it in other ladies and being inspired by their actions. I can think of countless times where I have seen another woman out and about and felt inspired in one way or another by her. It could be her style, her makeup, how she carries herself or even her kindness that just radiates for all to see.

Although embracing your femininity is a journey that looks different for everyone, being able to learn from others is something that is only going to help you. The idea behind this topic isn't to insinuate that you should copy these ladies and try to be just like them. The idea is to be yourself but embrace feminine style and pull out the characteristics you already have that make you more feminine.

These ladies all have one or two characteristics that make them instantly feminine which will inspire you along your journey.

If you would prefer to watch me talk about these ladies then watch this video:

So, lets get started, these are the people who have inspired my femininity journey:

1. A family member who will remain anonymous.

I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say the first person who inspires my femininity is a family member. She is a fantastic mother, homemaker and member of her community. She is one of the most selfless and giving people I have ever met and from the moment I met her I knew I wanted to enhance those traits in myself. Not only is she just a wonderful human, she also embraces her femininity through style and makeup and puts the effort in everyday. She wears heated rollers every morning - even when she had 4 children!

Main traits to take away: compassion, selfless behaviour, putting her children before anything and taking pride in her appearance.

2. Kate Middleton

I'm sure I am not the first to be hugely in awe of Kate Middleton and how she carries herself with such class and grace at all times. Her style is just flawless and no matter what, she is always dressed for the occasion. However, what really inspires me about Kate is her Early Years work and research. She has recognised the importance of the early years and has undertaken an absolutely gigantic study to understand them, and to understand how it can harm adults in the future if we don't feel safe, protected and nurtured during the first years of our lives. Kate also appears to be a lovely mother and I find that infinitely inspiring.

Main traits to take away: class, elegance, grace, fantastic style and a nurturing and kind mother (not just to her children, but all children).

3. Giovanna Fletcher

Giovanna aka 'Gi' was on I'm A Celebrity get me out of her this year and won the nations heart with her kindness, compassion and warm personality that you just couldn't miss! I was hugely inspired by Gi and how her first instinct is always to look after other people and make sure everyone is doing ok. She also runs the podcast 'Happy Mum Happy Baby' - which has actually featured an interview with Kate Middleton!

Main traits to take away: kindness, compassion, warm and smiley personality that makes every feel comfortable around her.

4. Femininity Youtubers

I have been hugely inspired by femininity youtubers not just in my femininity journey, but also to start a youtube channel. I am convinced if i hadn't have found these ladies on YouTube, I probably would not have my own channel right now. These ladies are paving the way for future generations to embrace femininity and homemaking.

To see my favourite feminine youtubers CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT THEM.

Remember this topic is designed to get you thinking about your own femininity by witnessing the characters in others. Trying to emulate someone too closely could come across inauthentic and actually harm your feminine journey. It is important to be inspired by others while still being true to yourself.

I hope you have enjoyed this discussion!

Hattie x

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