How Perfectionism Destroys Femininity

Recently I have really been thinking about perfectionism and how the idea that everything needs to be 100% 'just so', contributes to general unhappiness.

We can spend hours planning our lives so that everything falls in to place, whether that be following perfect cleaning routines, skin care routines, planning meals and even planning what we say in any given situation.

The reality is that life isn't perfect. Things go wrong and even the best plans can be ruined by something unexpected (such as COVID 19 for example!).

So how does perfectionism destroy femininity?

I personally believe that it is more of a masculine trait to try to control situations.

On top of that, when things don't go our way we may feel frustrated or even angry which can make us feel even further away from our femininity.

Feminine energy is rooted in gentleness and how can we be gentle when we need to control, nit pick and analyse every detail of our lives?

A simple way to get in touch with your femininity is to surrender control and let life just play out. Of course we need to make important decisions and plan sometimes, but the idea is to not over-plan, over-think or over-react when plans don't work out.

Just breathe and let yourself live.

Hattie x

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