How To Enjoy Cleaning Your Home - Homemaking Motivation!

Yesterday, I had one of those cleaning days where I stayed in my pyjamas with my hair on top of my head looking anything other than graceful but I just tackled cleaning every inch of my home. I do this on times where I have put off cleaning so many times that something comes over me and I go into over drive to get my home looking put together again.

I was thinking mid-cleaning yesterday how much I was actually throughly enjoying myself.

It got me thinking about why I put it off so much and have the subconscious thoughts that cleaning is something to 'just get done' but not necessarily enjoy.

So how do we start to enjoy cleaning?

Well, firstly, I think we need to tackle our subconscious thoughts and almost reprogram our brain to think differently about cleaning. There are a few ways to do that:

1. Make it fun with music or podcasts

Music has the amazing ability to transform your mood. Every time I clean while having music in the background I remember why I love homemaking so much. Make different playlists and experiment with different genres to keep yourself interested and engaged. If that fails then try listening to some podcast to learn something new while cleaning!

2. Embrace the feeling afterwards, take pictures etc.

Whenever I spend time really cleaning and looking after my home I feel a renewed sense of pride over it. While I'm cleaning sometimes I like to move ornaments around and freshen things up to renew the space and give me something new to look at. Let yourself embrace that feeling after cleaning, take pictures of your home and really cherish it.

3. Take it slower, practice enjoying the process rather than waiting to be 'done'.

Sometimes when we associate cleaning with just a chore that needs to be done, we rush through it and completely forget how enjoyable the process can be. Slowing down and enjoying taking care of your home is one of the joys of homemaking so don't deny yourself of it!

4. Use products that smell amazing.

Nothing motivates me to get cleaning more than imagining some of the lovely floral cleaning product smells filling the home. That being said, I am trying to move to more natural products so I have bought an essential oil diffuser to add the element of amazing smells to my cleaning. Before I start cleaning, I am going to put my diffuser on, some music and just enjoy every second!

5. Remind yourself of the important of homemaking.

We all know it by now but probably forget to remind ourselves of the value of the homemaker. Homemaking is such a worthy way to spend your time and bless your family. Never forget your importance in the home and how you help to make people feel warm, protected and comfortable at home.

Hattie x

(Just a little note separate from this post - I am no longer posting my youtube videos as entire blog posts on here, only if they are relevant to the topic! I will be posting another homemaking vlog over on Youtube tomorrow at 4pm but it won't appear here! x)

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