Making A House A Home: Personal Style and Little Touches

One of the main things I love about my home is that there is something beautiful wherever you look. I am a huge fan of little trinkets, pictures, candles, blankets and flowers because I really think that is how you make a house a home. In each corner of my home, there are things that I love that hold a story, whether that is given from someone I love or found in a charity shop - it is all so precious to me.

My home is certainly the opposite of what is popular right now and it couldn't be further away from the minimalist, grey and white homes that are so popular on Instagram!

In my opinion what makes a house is a home is the fact it is YOURS. So therefore, it should reflect you, your personal taste and your memories.

With the rise of social media and people showing their homes, it is so much easier to borrow peoples style which is fantastic - but at the same time I can't help but feel a lot of homes are starting to look the same. That is when I think you can get swept up in 'keeping up with the Jones'. Personally, I get SO much more satisfaction and gratitude from not trying to compete and just focusing on what I love.

My personal home decor style is warm, cosy, cottagey and British. I like to embrace the seasons we get in Britain and nothing gives me more satisfaction on a cold day than warm lighting and candles.

No matter what your style is, making it reflect you is going to turn a cold space into one that sparks your creativity and joy. I love that I can just sit in my living room and look around and get so much happiness from my surroundings. To me, that is what home is all about - not making it look like a museum!

Here are some tips on making your home reflect you:

  1. Put up pictures of people you love and happy memories.

  2. Decorate in colours that make you feel happy.

  3. Leave out your favourite trinkets. I bought an old welsh dresser and painted it cream so I could display all my favourite teapots, cups and pictures.

  4. Most importantly, regularly practice gratitude and be thankful for what you how. It is so easy to just want more and more that we often forget all the amazing things we have!

My welsh dresser

Happy homemaking!

Hattie x

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