Reflecting On My First 3 Months Making YouTube Videos

Nearly 3 months ago I decided to start a YouTube channel in combination with this blog to share my journey with homemaking, femininity and simple living.

I think due to everything that happened with the pandemic, I was feeling in need for a creative hobby to fill my time. I tried out a few different things but didn't particularly take to anything. I was watching a lot of YouTube videos and the time and suddenly felt a huge pull to blogging and YouTube.

As I mentioned in my first ever YouTube video, I actually used to have a channel that had 30 thousand subscribers. At one point I really wanted to make it my career and felt very passionately about it. Unfortunately, with this goal I completely lost my way and ended up making videos that weren't true to who I was. In the end, I found my channel made me cringe and I was actually embarrassed to talk about it.

To hear more about my journey watch this video:

So, now that brings us to today. 3 months into my YouTube channel, and time for some reflection.

In 3 months I have made 18 videos and now have 744 subscribers. I get some lovely comments and DMs on Instagram praising my videos. Although I am still a small channel, I am blown away by the feeling of community you can create when you are true to yourself on social media.

I am now making only content that I love, and I don't think about views at all. That's not to say I don't hope my videos do well and people enjoy watching them. It's just not the main driving factor anymore which allows me to stay creative and post videos whether they will 'rank highly' or not.

I have hugely removed the pressure to 'do well' on social media and instead, I am just enjoying the journey.

In 3 short months, I feel I have completely renewed my enthusiasm for why I loved YouTube in the first place. I just find it amazing that I can post a video and someone halfway across the world will watch and resonate with my feelings. THAT is truly what YouTube was made for.

Despite my relaxed approach, a girl can still dream!

A long term goal I like to imagine is being able to make a part time income from YouTube so that I can support my husband when I am a stay at home mum. I would be lying if I said that thought didn't excite me but equally, I know that realistically, you have to be quite lucky on YouTube for that to happen. Also, my personality is quite chill so I don't expect to attract a wide audience because I'm probably not that entertaining!

So, in conclusion... I think despite having long term dreams on YouTube and imagining what 'could happen', I have managed to stay true to myself and realistic as to where this will go.

To anyone thinking of creating a blog or YouTube, I would encourage you to just go for it! Get creative and think about what you really want to share with the world.

Dream big and let yourself imagine what could come from it, but at the same time understand that most people don't 'make it big' on YouTube and you simply have to do it for the love!

Lets see where we are in another 3 months! I am excited to be on this journey and have so many supportive feminine ladies at my side.

Hattie x

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