Restoring A 1920's Singer Sewing Machine

A few days ago I was walking in a nearby town when I looked into a shop window and saw the most beautiful old fashioned Singer sewing machines all lined up.

I got home and couldn't stop thinking about them and then I remember why! My mum used to have one and I used to play with it as a child winding up the little wheel at the side. I asked my mum if she still had it and she did, in the loft! It had been gathering dust for years so I asked if I could have it.

This is what it looked like when I got it:

These are the steps I took to restore it (to be clear, I didn't need it to work as I just wanted it more as an ornament so these are just steps to clean it more than anything!)

  1. Dust everything off.

  2. I used a wood wax for the base.

  3. For the stainless steel parts I used 'The Pink Stuff paste' with a toothbrush to get into all the little spaces. I then used a glass cleaner with a Minky glass cloth.

  4. For the sewing machine itself and black base I first used a rough sponge to get up some of the rust and dust that had gone hard. I then used The Pink Stuff paste all over to get up the rest of the rust. To finish I polished with the Minky glass cloth.

This is the finished result:

It isn't perfect but it looks so much better and looks just perfect in the corner of my living room.

My mum actually originally bought this from a car boot sale for £20 years ago, I wonder who owned it before and what life it had?

Hattie x

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