Staying Productive as a Homemaker

Being productive as a homemaker and being on top of everything is something that makes me feel satisfied, in balance and content.

I don't think being a productive homemaker means that you have to be perfect 24/7 because that is a little unrealistic. However, I think productivity is enhanced when we have simple, yet effective routines combined with the willpower to remove distractions!

Nowadays it is so easy to be tempted to have a quick lie down and let it escalate into a few hours of binging Netflix and then before you know it the day is almost over! Having a quick lie down if you are feeling exhausted is of course justified, but how do we prevent letting it get out of hand until it has de-railed our entire day?

Despite not being the most productive woman myself, here are my top tips for you (and for me to look back on when I'm having a slow day!)

  1. Do the things you don't like doing as much FIRST thing. I like to get chores that I hate out of the way first thing. That way, when you are more tired in the afternoons you can justify a bit of quiet time.

  2. Don't rely on motivation, get into good habits! Like I mentioned before, simple routines are the key to productivity. Have a morning and evening routine as a minimum that sets you up for success.

  3. Turn your distractions into tools for success. For example, if you like watching YouTube videos then rather than watching them sat down, only allow yourself to watch videos when you are doing something productive at the same time (presumably something quiet like ironing, I wouldn't like to try and watch a YouTube video at the same time as hoovering!)

  4. Keep lists of what needs to be done each day or week to keep you on track and accountable!

  5. Finally, allow yourself to do fun activities that you enjoy but are also productive. Examples include baking, reading, blogging, sewing and walking!

Hope that helps!

Hattie x

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