Traditional Gender Roles Can Be Progressive Too

We are living in a world now where women AND men are expected to do it all, and do it all well:

  • Be a boss, create your own business and manifest all your wildest dreams,

  • Go to work, be a provider for your family,

  • Look after the kids, play with them, take them to groups and make them feel loved,

  • Don't forget to make your partner feel loved too,

  • Housework,

  • Cooking,

  • Being a nice person,

  • Looking nice,

  • Doing kind things for others,

  • SELF CARE - Do not forget your exercise or you fail in life,

  • Don't forget sleep or you will get fat and wrinkly,

  • Get fresh air,

  • Did you forget the gardening?

  • Do the food shopping,

  • Check in on your neighbours

  • What? You haven't seen your elderly grandma in a week, how cruel, she is lonely!!

Do you get my point?

It is endless, we never stop. We are a nation of rushed, stressed out and exhausted people. We have never had more expectations on us while simultaneously being held to extremely high standards in all areas.

So what if we stripped it back and returned to traditional gender roles?

By this, I mean one person focusses on nurturing the family and home, while the other provides. Most of the time women are more inclined to prefer the role at home but there is no judgement here if the situation is the opposite way round.

The bottom line is, by dividing out our tasks more effectively, we could slow down and focus on one thing. In doing so, we will become a calmer, happier individuals with more time for creativity and nurturing those that we love. We can put our focus into one thing and become the master of it, rather than feeling like we are running around trying to balance it all and in doing so, every task is completed with half of the attention and ability.

It sounds lovely - so why do so many people see traditional gender roles and housewives as something to cringe at and 'leave in the 1940's'?

The thing is, over time we have believed a narrative that housewives are abused, down trodden women who have so much wasted potential. This is something we believed because it was often true. Back in the day, women had no CHOICE. Many wanted to work and couldn't which led to feeling controlled and unable to use their talents.

But times have changed now and on the surface women have plenty of choice.

While that may be true in a legal sense, it isn't in a social sense. Women feel judged if they want to be a housewife or are labelled as a 'gold digger'. They are subject to rude remarks about what they do all day, or what they would do if their husband cheated. We would NEVER dream of asking such invasive questions to a working woman. Yet, women who choose a simple life of looking after their family seem to be disrespected in todays society.

This makes women feel that they have no choice, once again.

They must work and sacrifice family life or they simply won't be respected by their peers.

Progression in society has always been about giving people who feel oppressed more choice. So by allowing women to embrace a traditional role without judgement, we are allowing her another choice without fear of judgement from others.

In the same breath, we can't enforce this on everyone which is why I have made an effort in this post not to seem judgemental to those with different family dynamics. This is MY ideal. An ideal that I know so many others share and we just want to feel free to do it. We accept and make an effort to not judge others - so please could society grant us that same respect?

Hattie x

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