Why I Get Ready Everyday: Feminine Habits

One of my favourite habits to cultivate femininity in my everyday life is to get ready everyday. Just spending a few minutes to myself to do my makeup and hair while having a cup of tea really sets me up for a good day.

Get ready daily for me goes a little like this:

  1. Daily hygiene - shower, brush my teeth and wash my face.

  2. Make a cup of tea and sit at my dresser.

  3. I then do all my skincare serums and creams followed by a simple, 15 minute makeup routine. I don't always wear makeup because I think it is nice to give your skin a breathe somedays, but I always do my skincare (especially my SPF!)

  4. Hair - this is usually just brushing it and making it look tidy but occasionally I curl it or do a fancy hairstyle.

  5. I then get dressed depending on what I'm doing that day. If it is a day where I am just staying home I will wear something comfortable that also allows me to feel feminine. You really can't go wrong with getting a few humble house dresses for this!

  6. I then make my bed, tidy around my home and start my day!

If you want to feel feminine, I really think the worst thing you can do is wake up late, throw a hoody on and neglect your personal appearance. You don't need to be vain, but you do need to prioritise self care. This is especially important in the morning because it puts you in a good mindset so that you can cope with whatever comes your way that day!

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