Why I Want To Be A Housewife

Updated: Jan 24

Ever since I grew up, moved away from my family home and started creating a home for myself and my partner, it is like I just can't get enough.

Every job I have ever had, no matter how much I loved it, I have noticed that I ALWAYS looked forward to getting home and the weekends. I find I am most at peace when I am in my own home and there is nothing I enjoy more than having a quiet day indoors where all I do is potter around my home cleaning, baking and organising.

In the past, I thought this may be due to laziness or perhaps social anxiety (which I do actually think plays a small role), but I think there is a bigger thing at play and that is because I truly believe I was put on this earth to be a homemaker, nurturer and hopefully one day, mother.

That is why whenever I am venturing off this path I feel a little uneasy. I am simply not doing what I was born to do and what all my talents and personality traits lie in.

This is why it is my dream to stay at home when I have children. It sounds old fashioned, maybe lazy but there is nothing I want more. Of course, I understand life is already written out and we don't get to choose - so maybe finances will mean I won't be able to do that. But if we can afford it, I can't think of a more fulfilling life.

Here are some of my personality traits that I think make me happiest at home

  • I seem to notice and be grateful for the little things in life. Having gratitude is something we all need to remind ourselves to do, but for some reason ever since I was little I have been quite easy to please. I find joy in simple tasks and it doesn't take much stimulation or money to make me happy.

  • I enjoy my own company. As strange as that sounds, I need alone time to recharge my batteries. When I worked in a office full time around other people I found I got really exhausted very quickly. I currently work from home and find I have much more energy to complete my daily tasks. I do love my family and friends company and need that also, but I also thrive on my own. Of course this will all change when I have children as I won't get a choice, but essentially, I don't need a crazy social life to be happy.

  • On the topic of children, I absolutely love them. Their innocence is both fascinating and sometimes hilarious. I never understand people that say they don't like children. Yes, they are exhausting (I used to be a nanny so I know) but, they are also amazing. The thought of having my own children and having the time and energy to show them as much attention and love that they need fills me with excitement. When I think of having to balance work with bringing up children I always imagine that something would have to give. I don't think I could give all the energy I want to into my children, and at the same time work.

  • Finally, I absolutely hate conflict and competition. I think this is why most office jobs just don't work for me. Any conflict really gets to me and yes, I am over sensitive.. but there is no point trying to deny that. I'd rather just accept my nature and not fight it.

Anyway I feel I'm rambling now but I suppose I wanted to post this to show, we really are all different. Women shouldn't feel like they NEED a high flying job to be respected. If you can afford to, and want to stay home I think that should be celebrated. It is all about choice, and I hope one day I will have that choice to stay at home with my children.

Hattie x

(Since writing this blog post I have further made a YouTube video on the topic!)

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