Why You Don't Need To Hustle And Fight For Success

Our generation has grown up with the narrative that you have to 'fight for' what you believe in and what you want in life.

We live in a competitive world where job security is low and the amount of jobs even available is reduced. With more people than ever now going to University, the competition is also high.

On top of that perfect storm, we add the rhetoric that you have to 'do what you love' as a job to find happiness and the pressure becomes immense. What we are left with is a whole generation of people who feel anxious to succeed and are more inclined to step on other people to get there.

The result is that people are left feeling desperate and feel the only way to succeed is to 'hustle'. To fight others for the top position, to sacrifice personal and family lives for time in the office and work, work, work.

On top of all of that stress, we are exposed to more political and divisive opinions through the means of social media. We are encouraged to pick a side and be outspoken.

Can you see how this culture may lead to communities and families becoming more distant and divisive?

In the past, families and communities were at the heart of everything. Although not everything was perfect, times were simple. One person in the relationship went to work, the other took care of the home. Politics was talked about, but only in the newspapers and around election time. We didn't have the constant onslaught of work, then information, then work, then politic divisiveness, then more work.

We are simply not designed to live like this. Life is not supposed to be a fight and hustle culture seems to only be hurting us.

What if we turned it around and simply stopped fighting?

We see our work as just that, work. Not the source of our happiness and self worth. We do a good job but at the end of the day, shut off. While at work we support those around us and create a feeling of community. We praise those that get promotions and feel no need to compare ourselves.

On top of that, politically we stop the pressure to 'pick a side'. We make an effort to see both sides and become comfortable 'sitting on the fence'. Naturally, we will form opinions on certain things which is completely normal. But it is also normal to not have an opinion on a certain topic, or just not understand it at all! Just because Twitter may tell you what opinion you should have, it doesn't mean you need to engage.

Life has become a struggle for many people because it feels that competitiveness and divisiveness is at the heart of most things we do. However, only you control your own life and heart and you can choose a different path. You can choose understanding, kindness and gentleness over fighting for success and to have your opinion heard.

Life is precious, don't spend it chasing. Slow down, appreciate the little things and love others like there is no tomorrow!

Hattie x

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